LEV is focused on providing accurate, reliable information about the impacts of COVID-19 on Washington’s public school system. Below, we are collecting and tracking information about districts’ reopening plans and will be making updates over the fall.

School District Reopening Plans
Bickleton School District no info posted yet
Cle Elum-Roslyn School District Cle Elum-Roslyn reopening plan updates & advisory committee notes (planning in progress)
Damman School District see Ellensburg SD
East Valley School District East Valley reopening plan updates (planning in progress)
Easton School District no info posted yet but see student and parent surveys on reopening here
Ellensburg School District Ellensburg proposed reopening plans (starting with hybrid model)
Goldendale School District Goldendale brief reopening update from superintendent (may be pursuing blended model)
Grandview School District Grandview reopening update from superintendent (planning in progress)
Granger School District Some Granger reopening planning (survey and planning in progress)
Highland School District Highland reopening planning (considering blended models by school; planning in progress); back-to-school guidelines; and virtual learning-only information
Kittitas School District Kittitas superintendent update on reopening (planning in progress)
Mabton School District Mabton return to school superintendent update (planning in progress)
Mt. Adams School District Mt. Adams recent reopening update by superintendent (making changes to original reopening plan; planning in progress)
Naches Valley School District Naches Valley reopening update (planning in progress)
Royal School District Royal reopening web page (planning in progress; updates posted on web page)
Selah School District Selah reopening plan update (planning in progress) & reopening information web page
Sunnyside School District Sunnyside reopening planning page (planning in progress)
Thorp School District Thorp is hosting a reopening planning meeting in July; check FB page for ongoing info about reopening plans
Toppenish School District no info posted yet but see Toppenish COVID-19 Info page for ongoing updates
Union Gap School District no info posted yet but survey and planning in progress; check Class Dojo for more details
Wahluke School District no info posted yet but see FB page for some updates & school-parent Warrior Chat meetings about reopening like this one
Wapato School District Wapato update from superintendent about reopening plans (planning in progress)
West Valley School District West Valley reopening web page (planning in progress)
Yakima School District Yakima reopening web page (planning in progress)
Zillah School District no info posted but see scheduled reopening planning meetings here