LEV is focused on providing accurate, reliable information that covers kids’ and families’ most basic needs during school closures: school meal services, internet & technology supports, childcare, and distance learning resources. Most information is arranged by school district and will be updated frequently. 

Can’t find the information you need? No info posted yet within your district? The providers below have served thousands across the entire state and may be able to help you:

Click here to access Comcast’s internet services special programs during the pandemic. School districts unable to provide internet have often turned to this resource.
Click here to access ChildCare Aware of Washington, a leading resource that helps connect families to local child care options that are right for them.








School District School Meals Internet & Technology Childcare Distance Learning
Bickleton School District no info posted yet no info posted yet no info posted yet Some Bickleton school closure & distance learning info
Cle Elum-Roslyn School District CER food drop routes CER student needs survey & additional tech info CER childcare info CER distance learning info & academic enrichment resources
Damman School District no district website; see Ellensberg School District resources (below) & call 5099629079 to the contact Damman district
East Valley School District East Valley meal info East Valley tech support info East Valley childcare info East Valley distance learning info
Easton School District Easton meal info no info posted yet no info posted yet Easton distance learning info; continuous learning schedule; educational resources
Ellensburg School District Ellensburg meal info Ellensburg online learning support & chromebook info from superintendent Ellensburg childcare info Ellensburg distance learning schedules & expectations; supplemental educational resources
Goldendale School District Goldendale meal info Goldendale appears to be distributing chromebooks Goldendale child care info & form no info posted but grading details for distance learning available here
Grandview School District Grandview meal info Grandview tech info & needs survey Grandview child care info Grandview distance learning update (developing plans) & supplemental resources
Granger School District Granger meal info no info posted yet Granger child care survey Granger distance learning updates from March (no online learning – no info updated since 3/24); supplementary learning activities
Highland School District Highland meal info & check here for updates Highland tech help info Highland child care request form Highland distance learning update (no other info posted)
Kittitas School District Kittitas meal info (see pop-up message) Kittitas tech info (see pop-up message) Kittitas child care info (see pop-up message) Kittitas distance learning info (see pop-up message)
Mabton School District Mabton meal info Mabton tech info Mabton child care info Mabton distance learning info & home learning resources
Mt. Adams School District Mt. Adams meal info Some Mt. Adams tech info here (contact school for tech help/needs) no info posted yet Some Mt. Adams distance learning info (pursuing a blended model) & additional learning resources
Naches Valley School District NV meal info (see announcements carousel) NV tech info & connection availability doc no info posted yet Some NV distance learning info/updates & online learning materials
Royal School District Royal meal info Some Royal tech info (laptop distribution); can check here for updates no info posted yet Royal continuous learning plan; additional educational resources; can check here for ongoing updates
Selah School District Selah meal info & flyer Selah internet help info & device request form Selah child care needs survey Selah most recent distance learning info & supplemental resources
Sunnyside School District Sunnyside meal info Some Sunnyside tech help & info Some Sunnyside child care info Some Sunnyside distance learning info & home learning resources
Thorp School District (more communication via email & phone) no info posted yet no info posted yet no info posted yet no info posted yet
Toppenish School District Toppenish meal info & updates Toppenish tech support & info (see also the distance learning resources) no info posted yet Toppenish distance learning info/updates & online learning resources & connectivity help & help accessing lessons
Union Gap School District UG meal info UG tech help resources UG child care info UG distance learning updates for info & educational resources page
Wahluke School District Wahluke meal info Some Wahluke tech support info no info posted yet Wahluke distance learning info/plan & learning resources site
Wapato School District Wapato meal info (see April 9 update) no info posted yet Wapato child care info & needs survey Wapato distance learning info & learning resources & printable learning materials
West Valley School District WV meal info WV tech support info no info posted yet WV distance learning info ; some parent support webinars;
Yakima School District Yakima meal info Yakima laptop info & internet info Yakima child care info Yakima ongoing distance learning info & student learning resources page
Zillah School District Zillah meal info Zillah internet help no info posted yet Zillah learning resources