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Kaysiana and Midheta share their stories

The College Bound Scholarship Program was established by our Legislature eight years ago. College Bound provides scholarships to low-income and foster care students who enroll in middle school, keep their grades up, and stay out of trouble.

More than 212,000 students have signed up, and the progr…

Korsmo’s Weekly Roundup: March 20

For nearly every occasion in life there is a metaphor, tortured or otherwise, that amplifies the circumstance. Whether mundane or horrifying, they roll from the tongue without much thought. For those of us engaged in Olympia on education, the offending phrase would have to be “no news is good news.”…

Korsmo’s Weekly Roundup: March 13

Here’s some of our latest take on the session in Oly.

Well, we’re at the midway point. More or less. IF this legislative session were a high school football game, the marching band would be warming up their instruments and getting ready to hit the field. Ah, the things we do to support the team….