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Sixty-four percent.

By Emma Margraf

It was the day that Jane was brought into the principal’s office to be scared by a police officer for threatening other kids that sent me over the edge. She was in the eighth grade, being bullied, and in a downward spiral of discipline without direction or objective. I walked into…

Graduating all students college and career ready in Washington

A campaign for the strongest rules possible in the implementation of Washington’s new high school diploma culminated in a big win for kids. Read the story of our journey below.
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From Sandy Hook to Seattle

Building the compassionate schools movement
Following the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, Dr. Christopher Kukk and Scarlett Lewis, mother of 6-year-old Jesse Lewis, began work to weave compassion into schools. They met with President Obama and soon after with his sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, who was d…