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Korsmo’s Weekly Roundup: The First Bill Cutoff is Upon Us

It’s that time of year. Yes, there’s that football game. And the groundhog has done his thing. And the Iowa caucuses are thankfully in the rear view. But it’s the legislative calendar that has my attention…

Side-by-Side Comparison of Senate and House Levy Cliff Proposals

Three bills concerning the Levy Cliff have been proposed in the state Senate and House.  Here’s a comparison of Levy Cliff Proposals 6183 (McAuliffe D-1), 6353 (Rivers R-18) and 2698 (Lytton D-40).

For all the bills proposed this session, check out our 2016 Bill Tracker….

Why a Charter School Opponent became a Charter School Parent

By Melissa Pailthorp

Almost precisely one year ago, my daughter announced that she would not attend the traditional public high school we’d secured for her, rather, she wanted to attend Sierra Summit Public School, one of our state’s first charter schools.  I had voted no twice on charte…