At League of Education Voters (LEV), we are dedicated to fighting for racial equity. As we say in our 2021-2024 Strategic Framework, our mission is to embrace anti-racism. “We are committed to understanding and dismantling historic and systemic racism which creates stark inequities in education and being held accountable for our own action or inaction. We are also committed to looking inward at LEV’s history, committing to changes, and being accountable for them.”

Currently, our state and nation are witnessing attacks on school boards, school districts, and school staff, rooted in confusion and misunderstanding, along with an active disinformation campaign. Many of the opponents who are attacking those school districts say we should not teach about our racist history in schools. We at League of Education Voters believe racism has played a harmful role in our past and continues today. For students to succeed, schools have a responsibility to provide thorough, accurate history, including teaching students to be anti-racist.

Here are three things you can do:

  • Join the Learn from History coalition. This national coalition is dedicated to teaching students our true American history. The coalition will educate parents and the public about what is being taught in schools and explain the vital importance of students learning thorough, accurate, fact-based history, and that racism is wrong.
  • Make use of our toolkit for candidates running for school board, as well as incumbents. We hope the background helps you combat those running against you. If you are interested in this material, please email Eric Holzapfel, LEV’s Director of Field and Community Engagement.
  • Read our issue brief on systemic racism, which goes more deeply into the issue.

Please let us know if you would like information on the Learn from History coalition, our toolkit for candidates, or our issue brief.

Let’s remember: Critical Race Theory is a way of thinking about America’s history through the lens of racism. Historically, it has been used primarily in graduate schools, where students study the modern-day impact of policies and laws. The central idea of Critical Race Theory is that racism is institutionalized and is embedded in America’s history, legal systems, and policies. It acknowledges the continuing impacts of slavery and segregation in America and critiques how institutionalized racism perpetuates a caste system that is inherently unequal. Critics of Critical Race Theory deny the reality of institutionalized and systemic racism, ignoring the lessons of our history.


– League of Education Voters Board and Staff



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