Washington Game Changers with Lauri Hennessey features leaders who give back to our community, drive innovative solutions, and inspire others in making our state more equitable and just. This podcast is a one-on-one conversation with these powerful leaders in a time when we need to hear about more good in the world.

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Sean Goode of Choose 180

In this episode, Lauri speaks with Sean Goode of Choose 180 about how they truly make a difference in the lives of kids and give an alternative to what many call the “school-to-prison pipeline,” particularly for kids of color. Sean’s organization involves the kids in making their own decisions, making commitments, and holding them accountable when they make mistakes. Choose 180 also asks us to examine how our society treats mistakes in youth and how that treatment often is disproportionate. You will be inspired by the work Sean and others do at Choose 180. Sean was inspired by the experience his own brother encountered with the juvenile justice system. Find out more about Choose 180 and Sean Goode at www.choose180.org.

March 12, 2021




Marty Hartman of Mary’s Place

In this episode, Lauri talks to Marty Hartman, Executive Director of Mary’s Place, an organization founded on the principle that no one’s child should sleep outside. Mary’s Place provides safe, inclusive shelter and services that support women, children, and families on their journey out of homelessness.

Marty Hartman talks about homelessness in Seattle, the impact of COVID-19 on families living in homelessness, and what you may not know about families who experience homelessness. Marty also shares inspirational stories about families doing their best with their kids during this tough time of socially-distanced learning and living through the pandemic.

February 12, 2021




Dr. Ben Danielson

In this episode, Dr. Ben Danielson, formerly the Director of the Odessa Brown Clinic at Seattle Children’s and now with UW Medicine, talks about his personal and career journey, and his work to advance racial equity.

January 26, 2021




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