Responding to COVID-19: Resources for Our Community

Recently, the Superintendent of Public Instruction announced that all school districts need to provide some kind of educational experience online as our communities deal with COVID 19, beginning Monday, March 30. As Washington state moves to remote learning statewide, we must ensure that all students are able to access their education and basic needs in this time of change. Given the timeline districts are operating under and the unique circumstances, districts will be learning and adapting with each day as they try to meet the needs of their students. In this critical moment, we must work collaboratively to support students, families, and districts to ensure the needs of students without access to technology, students with disabilities, students who are learning English, students living in poverty, and students in early learning programs are well-supported during this time of transition. This page is a working resource for parents, families, teachers, students, and other community members as we respond to the impacts of COVID-19 on education, equity, health, and wellness of children and families.



Click here to watch our LEVinar with Superintendent Chris Reykdal on Washington schools during COVID-19 (May 22, 2020).

You can also click here to view our past LEVinars, which feature discussions with Superintendent Reykdal, WA State Teachers of the Year, and more about supporting children and families during the COVID-19 crisis. Visit our Lunchtime LEVinar page for more.


Where in Washington do you live?

Click on your region to find resources specific to your community, such as meal services, internet & technology supports, child care, and distance learning information.

Check out this comprehensive map of school lunch programs across the state, put together by the NWESD 113.

lunch bag = Grab-and-Go Meals

Drop off/delivery = Drop Off/Meal Delivery

Interested in additional distance learning resources for your child?

Click here to access LEV’s ongoing collection of supplementary distance learning programs, materials, and resources.


Does your junior or senior need help finding college, career, scholarship, and financial planning resources?

Click here to access LEV’s ongoing collection of resources for juniors & seniors on test prep, scholarships & financial planning, college & career exploration, and more.



See below for general guidance and resources for Washington families:


OSPI has released guidance, resources, and information on several topics, all of which can be accessed by visiting the OSPI website. Below are some of the topics addressed by the office so far:







Please know League of Education Voters is here for you. Let us know if you have programs or ideas, leads, or innovative approaches, and we will share them with other parents. Come to us if you have ideas for how we can help or for what is or is not working. If you have resources to share with others, please contact us.

COVID-19 Recursos (ESP – PDF)


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