Our Vision

Every student in Washington state has access to an excellent public education that provides an equal opportunity for success.

Our Mission

Student at South Shore PreK-8

To achieve this vision, League of Education Voters will have the will, courage, and commitment to:

  • Develop community-informed, targeted policy solutions to benefit students impacted by racism, poverty, disability discrimination, and other forms of oppression.
  • Advocate for ample, equitable, and stable resources to meet the needs of every student.
  • Mobilize families, businesses, youth, educators, communities, and other stakeholders to understand and remove the systemic barriers to each student’s success within the public education system.
  • Partner with stakeholders to advocate for equitable, high-quality, and fully-funded education.
  • Highlight research-driven and promising educational practices that prepare students to reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to our democracy and economy.
  • Provide voters, stakeholders, policymakers, and the media with strategic, accurate, and timely information about public education in Washington state.

Our Values

At League of Education Voters, we base our work on the following values:

  • Put Students First

    We first ask “What is the impact on students, particularly those furthest from opportunity?” We want every student to feel respected and cared for in their schools. We believe the public education system should be centered on what works to make students successful, healthy, and happy. Our policy-centered approach puts students first, and we want students to be at the center of their learning.

  • Pursue Equity

    Every student brings with them different strengths and needs. Students should get the resources they need when they need them. Systems must adapt to serve students, especially those most impacted by historic and systemic oppression, in the ways most effective for them.

  • Support Teachers and Leaders

    Every student deserves and needs teachers and school leaders who believe in them and are equipped to help them succeed. We endorse quality education, training, support, and evaluation for teachers and leaders as well as ample, equitable, and stable resources to pay for them.

  • Engage Students, Families, and Communities

    Students have an important voice in shaping the education system. Families are critical partners in student success. We commit to working with students, families, and communities to identify barriers and formulate solutions, and we support them in organizing to advocate for their future.

  • Foster Collaboration

    We commit to engaging with individuals and advocacy organizations supporting communities impacted by historic and systemic inequalities. We are most effective when we work with others toward common solutions, when we share credit for accomplishments, and when we focus on our collective goals.

  • Achieve Impact

    We believe that every student can succeed and have high expectations for both the public education system and the students. We pursue ambitious, meaningful outcomes that lead to access and opportunity for all children. We continue to advocate for the resources needed to meet those expectations. We make data-informed decisions, and orient to long-term success.

  • Act Courageously

    We are an organization of learners; our work requires intellectual curiosity and solutions that challenge the status quo, and the commitment to learn in public. We will have the courage to act, accept responsibility, and strive to improve our practice.

  • Nonpartisan

    Education is not a partisan issue; it is the paramount duty of our state government as required by our state constitution. Therefore, we are not allied with any political party but are an independent organization that focuses on policies and practices that put students first.

How We Operationalize Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as an Organization

We want every Washington student in public school to gain an excellent education that prepares them for success. Equity, diversity, and inclusion are central to this vision. Focusing on these three values is fundamental to ensuring all students learn to become compassionate, engaged, and productive members of society.

To these ends, we are guided by the following principles:

• Student-Centered: We first ask, “What is the impact on students, particularly those furthest from opportunity?” We want every student to feel respected and cared for in their schools.
• Collaborative: LEV aspires to engage with individuals and advocacy organizations supporting communities impacted by historical and systemic inequalities.
• Learning: Our work requires intellectual curiosity, the will to seek solutions that challenge the status quo, and the fortitude to learn in public. We are an organization of learners, and we value rigorous engagement with both data and community voice.


League of Education Voters (LEV) was founded in 2001 by Washingtonians to support an education system that provides every student an equal opportunity for success from cradle to career. Working on behalf of students, LEV has successfully led the charge on many of the landmark funding and policy decisions helping improve the education landscape in Washington.

League of Education Voters is made up of three separate organizations, a 501(c)3, 501(c)4, and a PAC:


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