League of Education Voters (LEV), founded in 2001, is a 501(c)4 non-partisan organization that partners with parents, students, and civic leaders who believe in a quality education from cradle to career.

LEV is a Washington-based organization working to improve public education from early learning through higher education. We shape the debate, build powerful coalitions, and grow the grassroots to achieve meaningful reform and ample resources for education.

Our vision is that every student in Washington state has access to an excellent public education that provides the opportunity for success.

Our Mission

To achieve this vision, LEV will have the will, courage, and commitment to:

  • Engage in the political process by lobbying for and organizing others to lobby for legislation and policies that support an education system that provides every student with a high-quality, fully-funded, and equitable education that prepares them to reach their full potential and to contribute to our democracy and our economy.
  • Support political candidates, elected officials, and policymakers who help achieve our vision.
  • Support and/or sponsor direct initiatives, referendums, or litigation when the legislative process is not furthering our vision for our students.

Our Values

At the League of Education Voters, we base our work on the following values:

  • Students are First

    We are focused first and foremost on meeting the needs of every student.

  • Equity

    We believe in an equitable public education system and acknowledge that students have different assets and needs. Every student should get what they need to be successful. Some will need more resources.

  • Teachers and Leaders Matter

    Having quality teachers and leaders positively impacts student outcomes. We endorse quality education, training, support, and evaluation as well as ample, equitable, and stable resources to pay for them.

  • Families are Important

    Family engagement is essential to student success. We seek to partner with families to identify barriers and formulate solutions. We support family outreach programs and work with families to organize themselves to advocate for their children.

  • Accountability

    Everybody has to be held accountable—including LEV board and staff, students, teachers, families, legislators, and policymakers. Failing to act, relinquishing responsibility, and blaming others is not acceptable.

  • Collaboration

    We know that we cannot do this work by ourselves; we are most effective when we work with others toward common solutions, when we share credit for accomplishments, and when we focus on our goals.

  • Nonpartisan

    Education is not a partisan issue; it is the paramount duty of our state government. Therefore, we are not allied with any political party but are an independent organization that focuses on research-driven practices.