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Welcome to Lunchtime LEVinars, free, interactive, online webinars on important and timely issues hosted by the League of Education Voters (LEV). These lunchtime webinars are designed to share information and build knowledge about the issues at the core of LEV’s policy priorities.

LEV will host each 30-minute webinar, which will include a 15–20 minute presentation by an expert from the field and 10 minutes of Q&A. Each webinar will be recorded and archived on our website.

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Activating Education and Justice Communities to Support Youth in Crisis

Center for Children and Youth Justice - League of

When kids start to disconnect from school, it’s a critical warning sign. Chronic absences are all too frequently the start of a path that leads straight to involvement in the juvenile justice system. Thousands of kids each year begin a journey on this “school-to-prison pipeline,” and we miss out on generations of leaders, innovators, educators, and entrepreneurs.

Justice Bobbe Bridge, Founding President and CEO of the Center for Children & Youth Justice, describes how schools can engage troubled youth in strong relationships with caring adults.

Moderated by LEV State Field Director Kelly Munn.



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