We can and must do better for Washington’s students

Now, more than ever, we need to come together. We are all responsible for ensuring that every Washington student receives a quality public education from cradle to career that prepares them for success. It should prepare them for stable, family-wage jobs, meaningful participation in our democracy, and contributing to the well-being of their families and community. However you define success, a quality education is the key. Our advocacy agenda is based in our three strategic plan goals.

Our strategic plan goals:

  1. Eliminate inequities and gaps in academic achievement by addressing racial, social, and economic disparities.
  2. Ensure that 70% of our students earn college degrees or credentials.
  3. Increase Washington state student achievement to rank in the top 10% in the nation.

We see three key strategies to improving results for students, and we look forward to working with partners across the state to develop specific policy and funding approaches.

To achieve our goals we need to:

  1. Increase investment while using existing funds more effectively to accelerate achievement
    and close gaps.
  2. Build a highly-effective, diverse and well-compensated instructional workforce that can
    meet each student’s needs.
  3. Improve equitable access to, and supports for, degree and certificate completion.

Our Vision

We have a big vision: Every student in Washington state has access to an excellent public education that provides an equal opportunity for success. Our work has influenced crucial issues such as education funding, school discipline, and charter public schools. The biggest successes have come when we lead, rally, and support partners and communities, working together to demand change.

Help make this vision a reality!

We must build a statewide coalition. We will only succeed in improving educational results if students, parents, educators, legislators and business leaders build a common understanding of the problem and the solution. Working together, we can raise our state’s educational attainment to one of the top 10 in the nation. We must prepare all of our students for rewarding and prosperous lives.


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