The League of Education Voters (LEV) was founded in 2001 by Washingtonians to support an education system that provides all students an equal opportunity for success.

Working on behalf of students, LEV has successfully led the charge on many of the landmark funding and policy decisions helping improve the education landscape in Washington.

  • LEV has worked with partners to successfully pass a statewide initiative which amended the state constitution to only require a simple majority vote for school levies—this initiative has added over 4 billion dollars to fund public education!
  • LEV also worked to bring nearly $500 per pupil into every school in the state by supporting the passage
    of I-728 and defended an important education revenue source with the defeat of I-1033 aimed at lowering property taxes.
  • LEV was the lead plaintiff in the successful effort to overturn I-1053, the initiative requiring two-thirds legislative approval to raise revenue or close tax loopholes.

All of this work is done with the goal of creating a seamless public education system that serves each and every student in Washington state.

Recent Accomplishments

Recent legislative and policy accomplishments include:

  • Passage of the meaningful high school diploma (SB 6552), legislation that authorizes the State Board of Education to implement their recommended 24-credit high school graduation requirements.
  • Passage of the Real Hope Act, also called the Dream Act (SB 6523), legislation that expands college financial aid and makes college more accessible and affordable for all students regardless of immigration status.
  • Increase of $1 billion in funding for the 2013–15 biennium, which includes doubling the number of students enrolled in full-day kindergarten and participating in WaKIDS; increased investments to close the opportunity and achievement gaps, and stopped the crippling cuts to higher education.
  • Legislation to transform school discipline requires data be collected, disaggregated, and publicly available, and suspensions and expulsions be capped at a year.
  • Increase of enrollment in Washington’s Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program.
  • Legislation to develop a tiered system of intervention and support for persistently low-achieving schools to become more accountable.