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Closed: What happens if Washington state shuts down

While our state legislators continue to argue over the budget, we’re just days away from a government shutdown. State employees have begun receiving temporary layoff notices, and many state agencies will shut down on July 1 without an agreement between legislative chambers and a signed budget by midnight on June 30.

Image of the Washington State Capitol Building with a "Closed" sign.What will happen if our government shuts down?

If Governor Inslee is unable to sign the budget before July 1, state employees will be affected—but so will parents, children, and small business owners. And those hit hardest will be low-income parents and families. You see, if the budget is not signed by July 1, licensed childcare providers who received state funding will be unable to work, and this could have a huge impact on families. (more…)

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Korsmo’s Weekly Roundup: June 12

Well, it wasn’t exactly “Dewey Defeats Truman,” but last week’s proclamation of a budget deal was—sadly—a bit premature. Not everyone bought into the hype that a deal was imminent; some remain optimistic, while others offer admonishment. For their part, the Supreme Court is taking a wait-and-see approach. They are due a report on progress and a plan to finish the necessary work of fully funding “basic education” shortly after the Legislature finally adjourns.

At which point, I hope that the Legislature is called back into another session. Because, well, they didn’t fully comply with the Court’s orders. A girl can dream, can’t she? (more…)

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Korsmo’s Weekly Roundup: June 5

I’m not sure you can put all the blame on Dana Carvey’sChurch Lady” for the ruination of the word “special.” I mean, anybody else remember the ABC After School Specials of the 1970s? The first “entertainment specials” aimed at teen and tween angst on television were often anything but. Which brings me to the state of our legislative session(s). Wrapping up the first week of the second “special session” makes me long for the bad-hair-’70s nightmare that was “My Dad’s Wife” starring… Kristy McNichol. Now, those were good times. Our legislative sessions… not so much.

With a (partial) government shutdown looming at the end of the month, budget negotiators have been called to the office—the Governor’s office—to resume talks after the first really super special session resulted in nada. Well, not nada, exactly. Overall budget proposals seemed to have resulted in myriad teacher walkouts to protest a variety of issues—something we can expect to see more of, even though the budget will likely result in record investments in education. More on this in a moment.

You may be asking yourself, what’s the hold up on this budget? And how did we get here? Taxes. (more…)

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Kelly Munn Honored by the Issaquah Schools Foundation

Kelly Munn with her Golden Apple Award (right), with Issaquah Schools Foundation Past President Jody Mull.

Kelly Munn (right) with Issaquah Schools Foundation Past President Jody Mull.

Kelly Munn, State Field Director at the League of Education Voters, was recently recognized by the Issaquah Schools Foundation with the 2015 Golden Apple Award. The Issaquah Schools Foundation began presenting its annual Golden Apple Award in 1998 to recognize individuals in the community who made a difference for children.

Kelly began advocating the year her own children began school, through the PTA and then through Volunteers for Issaquah Schools, where she chaired multiple bond and levy campaigns and raised hundreds of millions of dollars for Issaquah Schools. Kelly also served on the Issaquah Schools Foundation board for three years.

The Issaquah Schools Foundation describes Kelly as “someone who has been vigilant, tireless, unrelenting, and a passionate spokesperson for what’s in the best interest of children at all levels,” and we agree.

Congratulations, Kelly, and thank you for your work on behalf of all Washington students!

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Thank you to our advocates and activists

Thank youThe work that we do to improve public education is only possible thanks to the support of our activists and advocates—the parents, community members, students, and teachers who stand up and speak up. In order to recognize the difficult work that so many of our supporters do on behalf of all Washington students, the League of Education Voters began spotlighting the work of our “activists of the month” in late 2013.

Our activists of the month were selected for going above and beyond in their work for Washington students—in organizing, in testimony, in advocacy, and more. Before we break for the summer, we wanted to draw your attention to these activists once more. (more…)

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Join Joyce Yee for coffee: June meetings

Joyce YeeI invite you to join me over coffee for a series of informal meetings to share your stories and discuss how to advocate for education to our policymakers.

This is a critical year for education. We are working to ensure that increases in education funding—as a result of McCleary v. Washington or other efforts—are ample, equitable, stable, and targeted toward evidenced-based strategies that improve access and outcomes for all students. Our vision for public education is one that guarantees every Washington student the opportunity for a high-quality education from early learning through the first two years of college.

I am holding two different types of coffee meetings multiple times each month:

  1. The first is a space to share your stories and hear about what is happening in your community. Chat with us about your experiences advocating for change in your community and get to know your neighbors and community members better!
  2. The second is a space to share your stories and learn how to share them with your policymakers. If you yourself have some policy updates to share, please bring those! Chat with us about your hopes and practice advocacy work through written or online messages, phone calls, in-person meetings with legislators, or town hall meetings.

These are both drop-in meetings. Please stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee on me! (more…)

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