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Register now for the annual School Election Conference

Calling all candidates and campaign workers!

Are you interested in improving your election campaign strategy or working on a bond or levy campaign? Then this training is a must for you.

The annual School Election Conference, co-hosted by Piper Jaffray Seattle-Northwest Division and the Washington School Public Relations Association, will take place on Thursday, October 3, 2013, from 8:30 a.m.–2:00 p.m.

This conference will give you the tools to help you develop a successful election campaign strategy. The event specifically targets superintendents, district administrators, school public relations professionals, school board members, principals, and members of citizen campaign teams.

Conference speakers will include John Mitchell, former Chief Economist of U.S. Bancorp from 1983 until 1998, and has been a columnist for Oregon Business Magazine and Tom Eiland, a partner of CFM strategic communications who leads the company’s diversified research practice.

If this post doesn’t already have you jumping up and down, the event is also free. Yes, FREE. They will even provide you with lunch and free parking.

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Education Leaders Lead the Charge in Primary Election

The early results of Tuesday’s primary election are in and show major gains for many of LEV’s endorsed education leaders.

In total, 29 of LEV PAC’s 31 endorsed legislative candidates will move forward to the general election. Of that total, 25 of 31 endorsed candidates showed decisive wins.

As the final ballots are tallied a few of these races may shift, but for the most part we know which candidates will be competing in the general election in November. The road to Olympia is a long one, and we applaud the hard work and long hours these education leaders are putting in to do right by Washington’s kids.  Below you’ll find the results for each of our endorsed candidates as of August 9th at 4pm.

State Senate:
Congratulations to the following leaders:


Bruce Lachney 2nd LD 40.75%
Andy Billig 3rd LD 57.86%
Mark Mullet 5th LD 52.75%
Bruce Dammeier 25th LD 62.98%
Kevin Ranker 40th LD 61.7%
Steve Litzow 41st LD 57.04%
David Frockt 46th LD 100%

In second, and will continue to the general:

Dawn McCravey 1st LD 41.16%
Tim Probst 17th LD 48.32%

State House:
Congratulations to the following leaders:

Chad Magendanz 5th LD 52.92%
Maureen Walsh 16th LD 62.3%
Monica Stonier 17th LD 45.85%
Dawn Morrell 25th LD 46.92%
Larry Seaquist 26th LD 53.62%
Laurie Jinkins 27th LD 74.23%
Cathy Dahlquist 31st LD 63.7%
Ruth Kagi 32nd LD 70.24%
Tina Orwall 33rd LD 71.3%
Reuven Carlyle 36th LD 87.5%
Eric Pettigrew 37th LD 86.1%
Kris Lytton 40th LD 100%
Marcie Maxwell 41st LD 57.7%
Frank Chopp 43rd LD 90.2%
Jamie Pedersen 43rd LD 91.5%
Roger Goodman 45th LD 49.2%
Pat Sullivan 47th LD 59.7%
Cyrus Habib 48th LD 55.9%
Ross Hunter 48th LD 68.8%

In second, and will continue to the general:

Sylvester Cann 46th LD 39.78%

Too close to call:

Stephanie Bowman 11th LD 22.8%

Only one of our endorsed candidates did not make it through the primary.  LEV looks forward to continuing our work with Tony Moore, an innovative leader for kids and education, on our path towards educational success for all students. We again would like thank the above candidates for their commitment and dedication to Washington’s students and will continue to support them though the general election in November.

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Senator Ed Murray kickoff Monday at Cal Anderson Park

Parents and community members will join Senator Ed Murray for his Campaign Kickoff in the Park event Monday, August 16th from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm at Cal Anderson Park.

LEV has recognized Ed Murray as a champion for Seattle Public Schools, the University of Washington and community colleges. In addition, for 15 years Seattle has relied upon the leadership of Ed Murray to pass landmark LGBT civil rights and domestic partnership legislation, call for higher emission standards to keep our air clean and create progressive transportation choices.

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What's at stake for kids this election day?

A lot.

First: 1033 would lock us into a recession budget that is bad for kids.

Washington’s revenues were severely impacted by the worst recession in memory. State revenue for the biennium dropped by $9 billion and the Legislature was forced to cut K-12 by $1.8 billion, and higher education by $618 million and make even deeper cuts to health care and public services. Eyman’s 1033 would reset the base for the state budget, locking us in to these drastically reduced budget levels.

By locking us into today’s low revenues, and restricting revenue growth thereafter to inflation plus population, this measure would effectively prevent the state from making new investments in education required by basic education reform legislation (HB 2261) passed this session.

Beyond basic education reform, Washington would not be able to progress in early learning or higher education. For example, I represent LEV at the Department of Early Learning’s Early Learning Plan creation (draft to be released on December 1st). Over 120 stakeholders have taken part in this, adding their best ideas to create an implementation plan for early learning over the next ten years. If 1033 passes, this plan will not materialize. What does that mean for kids? Over half of Washington children will continue to arrive to kindergarten unprepared and one quarter of these children will not be reading by grade 3.

Finally, some costs borne by government increase faster than general population, like the number of students, and faster than inflation, like health care for teachers and fuel costs for school buses. This measure would force further budget cuts just to meet current obligations.

Put simply, 1033 won’t allow us to pay for what we currently do and won’t allow us to change our schools to give kids the skills we know they need.

Second: R-71 would affirm the domestic partnership legislation that gives individuals and families the legal protections they need.

Despite the depressing budget situation last session, the Legislature and Governor took a bold step in the right direction by extending the legal protections afforded to married couples to families headed by same-sex partners or seniors who form stable households and register with the state.

This legislation is not just another law. This law supports a family with young children, protects a young gay student currently bullied at school, and ensures an older couple can take care of one another in their final years. This law is about Washington families and children and it needs to stay.

We believe all families need the same basic legal protections:

  • Labor and employment protections;
  • Access to school and medical records;
  • Family leave to care for sick family members;
  • Insurance and medical rights; and
  • Access to pensions and benefits in the event of disability or death of a parent or spouse.

No purpose is served by excluding domestic partners, or the children of gay and lesbian parents, from these protections, responsibilities and benefits, designed to promote family stability.

Additionally, an estimated 3 to 5 percent of students identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, or struggle with their sexual identity. In spite of growing levels of acceptance, sexual minority youths are overrepresented in the numbers of young people who are reported with mental health and substance abuse issues, who are victims of bullying, and who commit suicide. Removing discrimination based on sexual orientation from the law sends a profound message of hope and acceptance to those youths.

R-71 will ensure that all families and individuals have protection, a critical step towards changing our world and changing our schools.

Third: Rep. Laura Grant needs to go back to Olympia to continue working hard on behalf of Washington’s children.

Laura Grant knows what is happening in schools today. How? She’s a teacher. In fact, she’s the only current teacher in the Washington State Legislature.  Laura is also a mother of three and a former school board member.

When it comes to schools, we can count on Laura to vote for the best interests of students.   Last session, Laura voted for ground-breaking reform of our basic education laws that will boost support for schools and classrooms over the next decade.

Let’s send this education champ back to Olympia!

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Election Update

Late returning ballots have dramatically changed the vote tallies for four of our endorsed candidates running for state representative.  Marcie Maxwell and John Driscoll lead their opponents by narrow margins while Liz Loomis and Tim Knue need to make up ground.

These candidates need your help to ensure every vote is counted properly.  Contact me at or (206) 728-6448 if you can help.

The four close races are highlighted below.

*Candidates BOLD are Endorsed by the League of Education Voters PAC
*Last updated Nov. 13, 10:00 AM

Office LD Candidate 1 % Candidate 2  %
Governor   Chris Gregoire  53.20% Dino Rossi 46.80%
Superintendent   Terry Bergeson 47.51% Randy Dorn 52.49%
Senator 1 Rosemary McAuliffe  58.03% Dennis Richter 41.97%
Senator 3 Lisa Brown  74.53% John Moyna 25.47%
Senator 4 Judi Owens  42.47% Bob McCaslin 57.53%
Representative 6 John F. Driscoll  50.05% John E. Ahern 49.95%
Representative 6 Don Barlow  47.14% Kevin Parker 52.86%
Representative 8 Larry Haler  60.17% Rob Welch 39.83%
Representative 10 Patricia J. Terry 44.57% Barbara Bailey 55.43%
Representative 10 Tim Knue  49.64% Norma Smith 50.36%
Senator 14 Curtis King  100.00%   0.00%
Representative 14 Vickie Ybarra  46.67% Norm Johnson 53.33%
Representative 16 Maureen Walsh  72.44% Dante Lee Montoya 27.56%
Representative 17 Tim Probst  55.83% Joseph James 44.17%
Representative 17 Deb Wallace  61.31% Micheline Doan 38.69%
Representative 21 Marko Liias  65.05% Andrew Funk 34.95%
Representative 25 Rob Cerqui  46.08% Bruce Dammeier 53.92%
Representative 26 Larry Seaquist  58.11% Marlyn Jensen 41.89%
Representative 26 Kim Abel  46.70% Jan Angel 53.30%
Senator 28 Debi Srail  43.81% Mike Carrell 56.19%
Representative 30 Skip Priest  52.63% Carol Gregory 47.37%
Representative 32 Ruth Kagi  100.00%   0.00%
Senator 34 Joe McDermott  100.00%   0.00%
Representative 35 Kathy Haigh  61.73% Marco Brown 38.27%
Representative 37 Sharon Tomiko Santos  100.00%   0.00%
Senator 39 Fred Walser  41.53% Val Stevens 58.47%
Senator 40 Kevin Ranker 58.47% Steve Van Luven 41.53%
Representative 40 Dave Quall  100.00%   0.00%
Senator 41 Fred Jarrett  59.53% Bob Baker 40.47%
Representative 41 Marcie Maxwell  50.50% Steve Litzow 49.50%
Representative 43 Frank Chopp  86.89% Kim Verde 13.11%
Representative 44 Hans Dunshee  60.98% Larry Countryman 39.02%
Representative 44 Liz Loomis 49.91% Mike Hope 50.09%
Representative 45 Roger Goodman  54.62% Toby Nixon 45.38%
Representative 46 Phyllis Kenney  82.83% John Sweeney 17.17%
Representative 47 Pat Sullivan  58.37% Timothy Miller 41.63%
Representative 47 Geoff Simpson  52.60% Mark Hargrove 47.40%
Representative 48 Ross Hunter  64.40% Charles A. Lapp  35.60%
Senator 49 Craig Pridemore 61.73% Tom Langston 38.27%

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Election Results

*Candidates BOLD are Endorsed by the League of Education Voters PAC
*Last updated Nov. 6, 4:30 PM

Office LD Candidate 1 % Candidate 2  %
Governor   Chris Gregoire  54.25% Dino Rossi 45.75%
Superintendent   Terry Bergeson 48.76% Randy Dorn 51.24%
Senator 1 Rosemary McAuliffe  59.71% Dennis Richter 40.29%
Senator 3 Lisa Brown  75.35% John Moyna 24.65%
Senator 4 Judi Owens  43.11% Bob McCaslin 56.89%
Representative 6 John F. Driscoll  50.31% John E. Ahern 49.69%
Representative 6 Don Barlow  47.66% Kevin Parker 52.34%
Representative 8 Larry Haler  60.26% Rob Welch 39.74%
Representative 10 Patricia J. Terry 45.69% Barbara Bailey 54.31%
Representative 10 Tim Knue  50.40% Norma Smith 49.60%
Senator 14 Curtis King  100.00%   0.00%
Representative 14 Vickie Ybarra  47.55% Norm Johnson 52.45%
Representative 16 Maureen Walsh  72.45% Dante Lee Montoya 27.55%
Representative 17 Tim Probst  56.65% Joseph James 43.35%
Representative 17 Deb Wallace  62.08% Micheline Doan 37.92%
Representative 21 Marko Liias  65.05% Andrew Funk 34.95%
Representative 25 Rob Cerqui  48.53% Bruce Dammeier 51.47%
Representative 26 Larry Seaquist  58.93% Marlyn Jensen 41.07%
Representative 26 Kim Abel  48.23% Jan Angel 51.77%
Senator 28 Debi Srail  46.40% Mike Carrell 53.60%
Representative 30 Skip Priest  52.63% Carol Gregory 47.37%
Representative 32 Ruth Kagi  100.00%   0.00%
Senator 34 Joe McDermott  100.00%   0.00%
Representative 35 Kathy Haigh  62.57% Marco Brown 37.43%
Representative 37 Sharon Tomiko Santos  100.00%   0.00%
Senator 39 Fred Walser  43.05% Val Stevens 56.95%
Senator 40 Kevin Ranker 59.82% Steve Van Luven 40.18%
Representative 40 Dave Quall  100.00%   0.00%
Senator 41 Fred Jarrett  60.96% Bob Baker 39.04%
Representative 41 Marcie Maxwell  53.03% Steve Litzow 46.97%
Representative 43 Frank Chopp  87.80% Kim Verde 12.20%
Representative 44 Hans Dunshee  61.55% Larry Countryman 38.45%
Representative 44 Liz Loomis 51.28% Mike Hope 48.72%
Representative 45 Roger Goodman  55.86% Toby Nixon 44.14%
Representative 46 Phyllis Kenney  83.64% John Sweeney 16.36%
Representative 47 Pat Sullivan  59.19% Timothy Miller 40.81%
Representative 47 Geoff Simpson  53.68% Mark Hargrove 46.32%
Representative 48 Ross Hunter  65.19% Charles A. Lapp  34.81%
Senator 49 Craig Pridemore 62.74% Tom Langston 37.26%

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Re-elect an Education Champion

Posted by Chris

Our next governor must be committed to building an education system that prepares every student for life after high school, whether it’s college, job training or work.

For education voters, the choice is clear: re-elect Governor Chris Gregoire.

In Governor Gregoire’s first term, she proved to be a hands-on, tenacious advocate for education. She seized every opportunity to make children and education her top priority. Under her leadership, Washington State:

  • Invested in high-quality early learning opportunities and all-day kindergarten to help every child read by third grade;
  • Ensured that 84,000 more children have access to health care;
  • Fully funded voter-approved initiatives to lower class sizes and boost pay for educators; and
  • Added 10,000 new enrollments at our state’s colleges and universities and increased financial aid to open the doors of opportunity for more young people.

Nearly 30 years have gone by since our state updated our K-12 finance system. Under Governor Gregoire’s leadership, we’re finally on track to reform and fully fund Washington’s schools to prepare all students for today’s global economy.

Make Washington schools among the very best in the nation. Re-elect Governor Chris Gregoire!

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Ballots arriving in your mailbox

Posted by Michael


Finally, ballots have been mailed!

The League of Education Voters has endorsed Gov. Chris Gregoire and 37 state legislators who will help adopt bold education reform solutions during the 2009 legislative session.  We’re also urging voters to vote NO on Initiative 985.  It’s an initiative that’s neither good for education or transportation.

Click here to view our full list of endorsements.

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What’s at stake for education in this Election?

Posted by Lisa

Less than 30 days are left until the November 4th general election. Although you might not know it, EDUCATION is on the ballot this fall.

Your vote for governor will determine if we move forward or backwards in education reform and funding next year in Olympia.

The governor will decide:

  • A new education finance system: A state task force will send a proposal to the Legislature to adequately fund our schools based on today’s expectations.
  • Needed investments in education: Funding for all-day kindergarten, class size reductions, and new enrollments at our colleges and universities all depend on the next state budget.
  • How to proceed through tough economic times: The governor sets our state’s budget priorities and will decide how to close a projected deficit.

Who do you trust to make these decisions?

The governor’s decisions will impact the quality of education for more than a million children and young adults in our public education system.

For the League of Education Voters, the choice for governor is Chris Gregoire.

In the last four years, we’ve made steady progress for children and public education. Under Governor Gregoire, we’ve made it our state’s priority to:

  • Make sure every child reads by third grade by investing in high-quality early learning opportunities and all-day kindergarten;
  • Ensure there’s an excellent teacher in every classroom by boosting teacher pay and providing more opportunities for professional development;
  • Make higher education more accessible and affordable by providing thousands of new enrollments and expanding financial aid and grant programs; and
  • Ensure every child is prepared for life after high school, whether he or she chooses to attend a college, university, career or technical school, or apprenticeship program, or enter the workforce.

The November 4th election has tremendous consequences for public education in Washington State. 

Tell your family, friends and colleagues what’s at stake for public education in this election. Make sure they know Governor Gregoire is the choice for education voters in this election.

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LEV urges NO vote on Initiative 985

Posted by Michael

The education community urges a NO vote against Initiative 985.

“I-985 claims to reduce traffic congestion, but its major effect will almost certainly be to take away money from classrooms,” said Lisa Macfarlane, co-founder of the League of Education Voters. “Our schools need every dollar they currently get to prepare our children for college, job training programs and the workforce.”

“We believe I-985 would result in unacceptable cuts to K-12 education, health care and other programs that are important to children,” said Laura Bay, President of the Washington State PTA.

Why vote NO on I-985?

The paramount duty of the state is public education.

I-985 would take away more than $100 million a year from the state’s general fund which is used to pay for education, health care and social services, and public safety.

Instead, Tim Eyman’s initiative would spend that money on transportation. Currently, user fees such as the gas tax and tolls pay for highway projects. This would be a seismic shift in funding priorities for our state.

A roadblock to quality education.

I-985 is a roadblock in the way of improving Washington’s education system and preparing all children for college, job training and the workforce.

Our state’s general fund is already stretched thin. If I-985 is approved, it will threaten funding for:

  • Expanding all-day kindergarten;
  • Reducing class sizes; and
  • Increasing enrollments at our state’s colleges and universities.

Visit for more information about why voters should oppose I-985.

In the interests of children and schools, we urge a NO vote against I-985.

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