Chris Korsmo
Chris Korsmo

It’s not just the promise of green beer that has policy makers and advocates alike skipping through the almost-poked-up tulips; it’s that session ended on time and with an agreement many policymakers believe will satisfy the Supreme Court’s mandate in the McCleary decision. To get a sense for how it went, you can peek at our blog and our progress trackers. You might also get a feel from how the school district leaders are looking at things or check out our analysis from our last “LEVinar.” If you love context, you’ll love this national overview of education funding.

But back to us here in Washington, the upshot? LOTS of new money into education. The question is: where’s it all going to go? Honestly, I’d like to see a lot of going into the kind of work Tacoma Public Schools are focused on – social emotional learning. Based on what we’re learning and hearing from educators, social emotional health, trauma informed practice, mental health supports, and additional meaningful adult relationships with kids are essential to kids’ success. We hope – and aim – to see many more resources going to the supports and services kids need most. Stay tuned: the next session is just around the corner. (Did I just give the legislature a reason to start drinking the green beer?)

Here’s some of what else we are watching:

I could fill your inbox with my feels about the NFL unrestricted free agency period. But, we’d be here all week. I’ll simply say, welcome to the Pack, Jimmy Graham. And Sherm, we hardly knew ye. Hey, in case you somehow missed, it our annual luncheon event is coming right up! If you don’t think you are invited, think again! Find out more here, and please come join us to Lift Every Voice.

Well folks, that’s all for this week. Happy St. Paddy’s Day, and as always, thank you for all you’re doing on behalf of Washington’s students.



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