In our podcast, we interview policymakers, partners, and thought leaders to spotlight education policies, research, and practices so that together we can create a brighter future for every Washington student.

In this episode, League of Education Voters Communications Director Arik Korman asks Marquita Davis, Deputy Director of Early Learning at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, about the benefits of investing in early childhood education (ECE), how to improve transitions from early learning into K-12 and beyond, how best to finance early learning, and how to professionalize the ECE workforce.



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2 comments on “Podcast – Marquita Davis, Gates Foundation Deputy Director of Early Learning

  1. Great information and explanation of the importance of early childhood education. I loved that she explained that ECE includes birth to age 8. Often time people refer it to birth to age 5.

  2. In October of 2019, you wrote an article for The Birmingham News about your experiences and appreciation for the State of Alabama. I was so touched by your article I have kept it on my desk, and I have read it many times. How wonderful it is to read good things about my home State. I am a native Alabamian and have so much pride in this State and the people. I, too, have degrees in Early Childhood Education and taught kindergarten for many years. Thank you so very much for sharing your positive experiences. As we say, “y’all come back”.

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