Back to school time is almost here!

As temperatures rise in Washington and August begins, it’s one month until students will be back at their desks ready to learn. Teachers are preparing for the upcoming academic year, and we want to highlight some of our favorite teacher resources that can enhance their classrooms and (hopefully) make their lives easier.

Our favorite online teacher resources:


duolingo for schools Duolingo for Schools

Duolingo is one of the largest online academies for language learning, used by many institutions and governments for language instruction, and now teachers can harness their powerful resources too. Duolingo for Schools offers resources for classroom management, allowing teachers to view students progress, assessments, strengths and weaknesses. The feedback is personalized for each student, so each student can focus on the areas they need to focus on.


teacher on computerPBS Teacherline

Summer is a great time to focus on professional development. PBS Teacherline offers a variety of facilitated and self-paced courses that can enhance your teaching methods. Interested in teaching your students digital literacy? Looking for ways to up your STEM focus? PBS Teacherline has a variety of courses focusing on math, science, and technology, as well as language arts and history.


Google EarthGoogle Earth

Enhance your geography lessons with Google Earth. You can take your students on a journey soaring over the Amazon Rain Forest, on a tour of the Eiffel Tower, or explore the Rocky Mountains. Google Earth can add a stunning visual element to your lessons, allowing students to travel around the world and see what they are learning about in their geography lessons.


pbs learningmediaPBS LearningMedia

Another resource from PBS is their LearningMedia site partnered with their Teachers Lounge. PBS LearningMedia offers a wealth of lesson plans and resources, videos, and professional development resources. They offer breakdowns by grade level and subject matter if you’re looking for lessons for your students. The lessons also give information about what learning standards they cover. This website has a wealth of knowledge and resources ready to be tapped into!


smithsonianSmithsonian Education

Want to show your students dinosaur fossils up close? Interested in taking a look at the Star Spangled Banner? Looking to quiz your students on the U.S. Presidents? Smithsonian Education brings the vast resources of the Smithsonian into your classroom. History comes to life with their depth of resources, bringing your students closer to history.


Did we miss a resource you love? Let us know! Leave us a comment and let us know what resources you use in your classroom.

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Happy teaching!

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