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Chris Korsmo
Chris Korsmo, CEO

As you may know, the Washington legislature is now in the endgame of budget negotiations, which includes finding a solution to funding schools across our state. If you want to see what lawmakers are considering to solve the Supreme Court’s McCleary decision, take a look at our education funding plan side-by-side. Be a part of this historic moment! Help ensure that the McCleary decision is implemented to benefit every Washington student by making your gift today.

Also, LEV interviewed Washington STEM CEO Caroline King on how STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and career connected learning can be applied in the classroom. And we’re hosting a free Lunchtime LEVinar June 20 with former Supreme Court Justice Bobbe Bridge, Founder and CEO of the Center for Children & Youth Justice, on how the education and justice communities can work together to support youth in crisis.

Read below for more about our work.

Thanks for all you do for kids. We couldn’t do it without you.

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Chris Korsmo

Washington STEM CEO Caroline King

How would Washington STEM CEO Caroline King design an education system?

League of Education Voters Communications Director Arik Korman sat down with Washington STEM CEO Caroline King to discuss how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and Career Connected Learning can be applied in the classroom, and how she would design an education system from scratch. Listen now




Activating EducationLEVinar: Activating Education and Justice Communities to Support Youth in Crisis & Justice Communities to Support Youth in Crisis

When kids start to disconnect from school, it’s a critical warning sign. Chronic absences are all too frequently the start of a path that leads straight to involvement in the juvenile justice system. Thousands of kids each year begin a journey on this “school-to-prison pipeline,” and we miss out on generations of leaders, innovators, educators, and entrepreneurs. Register now




Activist of the Month: June

Activist of the Month: Miguel Lucatero

Miguel Lucatero is a licensed home child care provider since 2001 who is participating in the Early Achievers program. He is also the parent spokesperson for Padres de Familia Preocupados por la Educacion y el Exito de Sus Hijos (Parents of Families Concerned for the Education and Success of their Children). Read more




Education Funding Side-by-Side

Education Funding Side-by-Side

What are lawmakers considering to solve the McCleary education funding problem? Our in depth side-by-side document lays down the details. View it now





Get Involved

Many of you are watching closely and know that the legislature is now in its second special session. We would like to encourage lawmakers to collaborate in order to work out a solution that puts fair funding into K-12 public education.

The Campaign for Student Success believes our education system should:

  • Provide students the opportunity to earn credits for college while still in high school.
  • Ensure that dollars follow your student to the classroom – whether they’re spent for English language learners, advanced placement or special education – not on bureaucracy.
  • Help remove barriers in getting to school for kids who are in poverty, who are homeless, or who face other challenges that increase their risk of falling behind.
  • Prepare all kids to graduate from high school prepared for careers or college based on their interest and talent.

We need your help in the following two ways:

  • Make a visit to your legislator in your district.
  • Make phone calls to key legislators in leadership positions, either on the Senate Early Learning and K-12 Education Committee, the House Education Committee, and/or budget committees.

If you can do either of the following, please contact the LEV organizer in your local area:


League of Education Voters

League of Education Voters

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