LEVinar Wrapped – Highlights from the Most-Watched LEVinars of 2022

Our LEVinar panelists are students, educators, administrators, parents, caregivers, advocates, scholars, and more. Watch what we have learned from them in 2022.

Superintendents from Across Washington state on Mental Health and How This Year Will be Different, featuring:
* Chetan Soni, a junior at Lincoln High School, Seattle Public Schools and member of the Association of Washington Student Leaders (AWSL)
* Superintendent Ron Banner, Clover Park School District
* Dr. Adam Swinyard, Spokane Public Schools
* Dr. Shelley Redinger, Richland School District

A Discussion about Critical Race Theory in K-12 Classrooms, featuring:
* Ruby Coulson, a senior at Sequim High School in the Sequim School District and Chair of the Washington state Legislative Youth Advisory Council (LYAC)
* Dr. David Stovall, Professor of Black Studies and Criminology, Law & Justice at the University of Illinois at Chicago
* Dr. Verónica Vélez, Associate Professor of Secondary Education and Education & Social Justice at Western Washington University
* Tracy Castro-Gill, Executive Director of Washington Ethnic Studies Now

Special Education in Washington state, featuring:
* Mia Crump, a senior at Roosevelt High School in Seattle Public Schools
* Jeremiah Audet, a sophomore at Rogers High School in Spokane Public Schools
* Dr. Tania May, Assistant Superintendent of Special Education Services at the Washington state Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction


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Puget Sound Educational Service District 2023 Regional Teacher of the Year Shane Monroe on Elevating Student Voice Within Classroom Communities

Shane Monroe

As the Puget Sound Educational Service District 121 Regional Teacher of the Year, serving as a spokesperson and representative for teachers and students, my message is a call to action to elevate student voice. Stuvoice.org, the by-students, for-students nonprofit advocating for student-driven solutions to educational inequity, defines student voice as: “recognizing and acting upon the fact that students are the primary stakeholders of our education and should be partners in shaping it.” Student Voice’s work is guided by the belief that “equity and justice within our schools will only be achieved when power is meaningfully shifted towards young people, particularly toward students with identities who are most marginalized by our nation’s education system.”

When reflecting on stuvoice.org’s mission statement as an elementary educator, the initial thought of giving our youngest students the power to make decisions within our classroom communities is… startling at best. However, it is important to pause and recognize the word power should not directly translate to full and total control, in any capacity of its context. Within the classroom, power should be thought of as emphasizing continued elevation of ideas and feedback from our students. Read More

Washington Game Changers Podcast – Critical Race Theory Scholar Edwin Lindo

Washington Game Changers with Lauri Hennessey features leaders who give back to our community, drive innovative solutions, and inspire others in making our state more equitable and just. This podcast is a one-on-one conversation with these powerful leaders in a time when we need to hear about more good in the world.

In this episode, League of Education Voters CEO Lauri Hennessey talks with Edwin Lindo, a Critical Race Theory scholar at the University of Washington. Professor Lindo addresses the controversy around Critical Race Theory, clarifying what it is and also how incredibly important it is that students learn about our true history. You can find more about him on Twitter @edwinlindo.


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Podcast – The Washington state Legislative Youth Advisory Council

Priyanka Mukhara (L) and Kellen Hoard (R)

In our Putting Students First podcast, we interview policymakers, partners, and thought leaders to spotlight education policies, research, and practices so that together we can create a brighter future for every Washington student.

In this episode, League of Education Voters Communications Director Arik Korman connects with two students from the Washington state Legislative Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) about LYAC’s history, how LYAC operates, LYAC’s impact on education policy, and what they would change if they were in charge of the state’s education system. Priyanka Mukhara is a First-Year Councilmember and Kellen Hoard is a Second-Year Councilmember and the Chair of LYAC.

The Washington state Legislative Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) is codified in law as the official youth advisory body to the state legislature, and its activities are wide-ranging. Throughout the year, 14-to-18-year-old student members of the council actively lobby legislators, testify in committee, advise various government agencies, host events around the state, collaborate with nearly 200 community organizations, and much more.  LYAC also spends much time conversing with young people in every corner of Washington about their priorities in order to be a more effective advocate to the legislature.

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